Payers, providers, and integrated health networks are moving quickly to enable Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to promote growth.

Enabling an accountable care organization environment within your organization requires a completely new approach to healthcare IT and utilizing data. Effectively tracking patients and patient outcomes demands large and flexible data storage systems. Very few of these IT solutions exist today, but are being developed and deployed by organizations with an eye towards long-term growth.

Everybody wins when your organization enables an ACO. Patients are drawn to Accountable Care Organizations because healthcare premiums are more closely tied to the improvements they bring about in their own health status, whereas previously they could be grouped and with others who have a more critical health status and are less likely to improve. Practitioners are drawn to accountable care organizations because they provide the best set of incentives for actually treating patients. Payers are drawn to accountable care organizations because they can alter reimbursements based on patient outcomes as opposed to the traditional, fee-for-service reimbursement system. The streamlined operations of ACOs lead to higher flexibility and profitability for payers and providers and better care for patients.

At Upp Technology, we have the industry-specific expertise and experience to understand the best practices for developing these solutions and making them market-ready. Speak with a healthcare IT consulting expert today to learn more about how Upp Technology can help improve your organizational efficiency.

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