Client Profile:

Founded in 1906 on the success of a toasted “Corn Flakes” product, Kellogg Company is a leading producer of cereal and convenience foods. A multinational conglomerate based in Battle Creek, Michigan, Kellogg manufactures cookies, crackers, toaster pastries, cereal bars, fruit-flavored snacks, frozen waffles and other products in 18 countries and markets them around the world.

In order to keep its competitive advantage in the aggressive manufacturing and consumer product marketplace, Kellogg elected to implement SAP as its global manufacturing and sales platform, and chose long-time information technology services and solutions provider Upp Technology for enterprise systems and infrastructure services support.


Upp Technology subject matter experts in SAP, enterprise systems integration, and a myriad of other technologies have been helping Kellogg reduce the costs associated with the implementation, development and support of essential enterprise systems including SAP as well as Oracle Financials, MPAC, legacy and homegrown solutions for everything from Online Order Entry, to U.S. and Canadian HR & Payroll, from enterprise Supply Chain Logistics to “Eggo” Plant Reporting.

In helping Kellogg get the most of its SAP systems, Upp Technology led legacy systems conversions to SAP, developing technical implementation plans and guiding upgrades following the ASAP methodology to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as SOX, and technical best practices.

With a tightening supply chain and the increased need for information sharing, SAP Portal provides Kellogg with business intelligence tools and real-time information sharing from the manufacturing lines to the end retail environment.

Upp Technology has been supporting Portal security & compliance with responsibility for ongoing SAP security maintenance and support for SAP, BI/BW, APO and CRM systems in the Americas as well as Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia. In this role, our SAP SMEs have upgraded to the latest ECC, developed new procedures to create roles for a BW conversion, supported auditing and redesigned existing roles to correct exceptions. The team also works with SAPDBA and eCATT, in addition to providing OSS connection support.

Business Value:

Converting Kellogg’s legacy systems, long supported by Upp Technology, to SAP enterprise-wide, the largest such SAP implementation of its kind, has sown the seeds for increased visibility and interoperability in the Kellogg’s supply chain, leading to increased operational efficiencies and reduced costs – while continuing SAP support keeps the public company on top of the latest system security mandates.

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