Client Profile:

Anheuser-Busch Companies is the leading American brewery, with over 32 production sites around the globe producing over 100 products supported by more than 30,000 employees. A Fortune 200 company, A-B is a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, not only manufacturing, packaging and delivering the best selling beer brands worldwide but also operating 10 leading theme parks in the U.S.

Vital to A-B's continued success is the communication and management of data on a global scale, while ensuring the security, stability, and integrity of their systems and information. Upp Technology system technologists provide A-B with global infrastructure support on premise in the U.S. and off shore, ensuring that mission critical systems and servers are kept up to date, communication between sites is secure and compliant, and A-B's personnel are able to keep in touch with enterprise mobile communications.


Providing IT solutions and services to A-B for more than 10 years, company technologists have been responsible for systems administration of over 300 AIX and Solaris servers, supporting brewing, packaging, recycling, agriculture, transportation, and entertainment operations across the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia. The team is responsible for maintaining the global infrastructure that connects A-B corporate with their worldwide operations, from LAN/WAN/ MAN/WLAN network design and support to systems installation, hardware maintenance, OS upgrades, performance analysis and tuning, security & compliances, and disaster recovery.

Communications and collaboration being key to any successful multinational business, our subject matter experts and technologists help keep A-B personnel connected, maintaining the global communications infrastructure from network hubs, network switches and routers, to printer and remote access servers. Specializing as well in enterprise mobility, the engagement team additionally provides support for handhelds such as laptops, BlackBerry devices, PDAs, iPAQs pocket PCs, cellular phones and pagers for secure communications compliant with company and international standards in data transmission and exchange.

With increased communication and collaboration enterprise-wide, the necessity of increased security naturally follows. Upp Technology subject matter experts and technologists have installed redundant T3 connections using VPN to provide a vendor access channel, in addition to configuring Gauntlet Firewalls to secure corporate and private networks for A-B business partners and international locations. The team is also responsible for the installation and configuration of host based intrusion detection systems in accordance with corporate policies, upgrading security standards at more than 10 international brewery locations.

Business Value:

With Upp Technology's staff augmentation infrastructure support services helping A-B maintain secure and compliant data communications, collaboration and connectivity on a global scale, from headquarters, manufacturing & distribution facilities and customer service personnel to vendors, business partners and consumers, A-B can keep focused on the craftsmanship that has made them the "King of Beers."

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