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By Andrew Martinez

There is no better time to seek the services of a certified IT security consultant than now.

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It seems there’s a disturbing story every week about a hacker exploiting a weakness to break into a server, or an otherwise trusted employee leaving an unencrypted laptop… in an unlocked car. Whether resulting from a deliberate exploit or simply carelessness, data loss and exposure are a major concern. There is no better time to seek the services of a certified IT security consultant than now.

Do It Before There’s a Security Audit

Public companies, those engaged in the healthcare industry, or providing services to the Department of Defense, and others are required to meet certain security standards, e.g., SOX,  HIPAA, NIST/FIPS, etc., in order to acquire and maintain valuable contracts.

Woe be it to the CIO who presides over a botched audit. Failure means severe penalties for the company, even loss of business. This in turn leads to that same CIO scrambling to slap band-aids on the wounds, and keep the technology team, experts in their fields but not necessarily privy to the intricacies of IT security, off the unemployment line.

Too often the mad dash to plug the holes while the scarlet letter “F” hangs over one’s head leads to a less than thorough investigation of the resources available. You need a certified IT security consultant, one who knows their stuff and fits in with your team, not just a warm body to shoulder the load.

Do It Before There’s a Security Breach

A breach in security means rough sailing for all involved. Unauthorized access to private data opens companies up to a world of fines and lawsuits. Few are insured against or budgeted for such damages. More than financial penalties though, your customers will be compromised and lose faith in your service. The future prospects of your company, too, will take a hit, as the firm gets hammered in the press and as word gets around.

Hiring a certified IT security consultant during a breach is likely done under tight timelines, not to mention career duress. The hire needs to be made immediately to alleviate pressures from the public, the press, the company’s stakeholders, your boss… There’s little time for strategizing when you’re busy sandbagging. You want to hire a certified IT security consultant before your finger gets stuck in the proverbial dike.

Do It Right Now

Is there any doubt? It’s important to be proactive when it comes to the security of your company’s data. According to research by Verizon, two-thirds of all breaches take more than a month to uncover, a month – at best. Two-thirds of companies lack effective security, continuous monitoring, and auditing. So, if it’s on your head, when would you like to know the company’s been robbed?  Better: wouldn’t you like to prevent break-ins to begin with?

You don’t have to wait, in fact you shouldn’t wait, for an independent security audit or a breach. Proactive leaders strip off those band-aids in favor of the latest in knowledge and technology. The time to strengthen your company’s security protocols and hire a certified IT security consultant that fits seamlessly into your IT organization is now.

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