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Finding the right person can have a huge impact on both the project and your own career advancement.

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Finding the perfect consultant to fill your IT staffing needs is a challenging task. Finding the right person can have a huge impact on both the project and your own career advancement. There are countless firms that claim they can deliver the skills and experience you need, but how do you know if they’re choosing the right person?

During our 25 years of placing hard-to-find IT talent at some of the largest companies in the world, we’ve developed the top criteria to look for during the staffing process. Carefully consider these 6 questions before you make your decision, and you’ll be well on the way to filling your staffing need as effectively as possible.

1. Does the IT Staffing Firm Understand what my Opening Requires?

Does the staffing firm have the actual desire to see your project succeed, or are they just pushing talent? Make sure the firm has the expertise to speak intelligently about your industry and needs. If you’re a healthcare company for instance, does the IT staffing firm fully understand your needs when it comes to the complicated insurance process? A firm that truly understands your opening, will be much better at finding the right person for you.

2. Does the IT Staffing Firm Have the Infrastructure in Place to Quickly and Accurately Communicate with the Consulting Community?

Consultants are always on the lookout for the next gig. Does the staffing firm have the infrastructure in place to continuously communicate with the best and brightest consultants around? Make sure the consulting firm you’re working with has a strong and engaged stable of consultants to match to your opening.

3. What Impact Will the Consultant Have on My Project AND Business as a Whole?

By better understanding and quantifying the business value of the consultant before sending over your requirements, you can accurately gauge the scale, time frame, and rationale for utilizing the consulting model. Make sure the consultant and staffing firm are driven to providing real value to your business.

4. How Can I Report on the Effectiveness to Executive Management?

As long as you’ve fully considered the previous question, this step is easy. Use your data and consistently send reports to your executive management. Keep management informed so they can accurately judge the impact the consultants have had on your team.

5. What is the Cost of NOT Seeking Staffing Help?

There can be long-term consequences to your career if you continue to stretch the skills of your project team. In the current economic times, a project cannot afford to fail so it’s important to keep this thought in the back of your mind: if you don’t bring in an IT consultant, will it jeopardize your standing with your company?

6. How Will The Consultant Impact My Career?

Perhaps the most important question of all. It’s your livelihood on the line, so how will the consultant impact your career? Are his or her strengths perfectly inline with those that are required for the project? Hiring the right person can be the difference in propelling your career forward.

Hiring the right person is an important decision; so don’t leave it to chance. Make sure you focus on the value of the consultant to your business. Your IT staffing firm should help cultivate a culture where everybody works towards improving the business, the success of the project, the career of the hiring manager, and the career of the consultants.

By making sure the staffing firm has a strong and detailed grasp of the requirements you need, you can boost your business and in turn, continue to advance your career. 

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